Independiente -Talleres 28.09.2022 Argentinian league

Independiente -Talleres


    In the Argentinian league, Independiente are on an impressive five-match winning streak, although they are unable to climb out of the middle of the table. As for cup battles, Julio Cesar Falconi’s side quietly beat Velez Sarsfield (2-0) in the 1/8 finals and, before that, they also defeated Atletico Tucumán (1-0) with excellent defensive play in those meetings.



     In the domestic league, Talierez are slightly behind their current cup rivals, four places down but with a game to spare. Javier Gandolfi’s side, who newly promoted to the helm, have also had a good run of games without defeat. They defeated Newel’ls Old Boys 2-1 in the last round of the country cup and then defeated River Plate 1-0 in the championship.



   Independiente have won their three previous encounters and are in slightly better shape than their opponents. Yes, Talleres are on the move themselves, but a change of manager could affect the attitude of the players in such a crucial encounter. There is reason to believe that the home side are closer to progressing to the semi-finals, as their opponents gave a lot of energy in the recent league game, but we suggest you play it safe.


The visitors are probably going to concede. The prediction is an Asian handicap (0) on Independiente. The odds for this outcome at PariPesa are 1.73

Both teams have looked impressive since the arrival of autumn and have quite rightly climbed into this late stage of the Argentinian Cup. Both teams combine well up front, although Tilleras are much more focused on defending their own goal. We think that the cost of this game is too high for either side and that no one is likely to take any unnecessary risks in a game like this, which should make for a less productive conclusion at the end of regulation time.


Our second bet would be a total of less than two goals. This bet can be placed for 1.79

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